Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beta Release 0.11

Direct Text Edit
The new implementation of the text edit controls in a Choosle view allows you to edit the visible text more directly.

With the first click on the text you can place the input cursor at the position of the click and start typing.

Active Links
Type or copy&paste a link URL (http[s]://...) into your text. It will automatically be transformed into a clickable hyperlink or into an image (see next chapter).

The generated default label text for the link contains only the domain name from the URL. It can be changed by editing the link text or changing the label (and URL) in a special dialog.

Images Links
Image URLs, ending with ".png", ".jpg", ".gif" or ".bmp", will be transformed and shown as images.

You can align the image left, right, centered or in-line with the text.