Saturday, July 30, 2011

Choosle Web Development

Like in many workflows in the process of Web application development many decisions have to be made.

While developing this Web application, Choosle itself has become handy here and there.

When developing a Web application you will face several problems with multiple, possible solutions and many variables. How to store the data, which framework fits best, where to put the save button. For the optimal end result  you will need to analyze different solutions, compare them with each other and choose the one most suitable to your requirements.

In Choosle I blindly started off with Google Web Toolkit and App Engine. The Java-to-JavaScript compiler sounded nice and the App Engine looked like a good entry into the Cloud. Then during the development of several prototypes, I was doubting some of my decision. Many unexpected problems started me to wonder about the alternatives. Maybe one would have let me handle such a problem more easily. A Choosle like "Cloud Platforms to host Choosle" would have quickly ensured me to be on the right track or showed me whether it's really worth the trouble switching.

For the user interface Choosles like "Rating Controls", "Choosle Cell Actions" or "Context Menu for Choosle" supported my designing decisions. Ok, you probably might have noticed, I am not a graphics designer. But I can reuse these Choosles, when working with real designers on the next version of the UI. On the back-end I've thought about how to implement the "List Order in Datastore" or how to handle "Tags in Datastore".

There were many other situations in the development process, where I would have liked more support to layout and analyze the options available. But well, Choosle wasn't available yet.

While here I've tried to show you the application in a software development process, you will also find other use cases to benefit from Choosle in other processes. There is no special form or process model required. You simply place a freely built Choosle anywhere in the workflow, where it best serves your needs.

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