Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Release 0.19

You probably know how to copy some text selection to the clipboard and then paste it at some other place. While this works across some applications, it is bound to the system it is running on. So we call this the system clipboard. Browsers seem to be afraid of allowing a Web application to access this system clipboard (, so we have built our own, the Choosle Clipboard.
In addition to select and copy simple text with the system clipboard you can now copy a complete argument, a factor or an option. First select the source, press Ctrl-C (or Cmd-C on the Mac), then select the target and press Ctrl-V (or Cmd-V). A faster alternative to select/copy/paste the title, summary and rating individually.

Copy Link
The Import Bookmarklet has been extended to copy the URL of a page with it's title and an optional text selection to the Choosle Clipboard.
When pasted into a Choosle or one of it's elements the link is simply added to the corresponding text.

Embed on a Web Site
Add a read-only, up-to-date view of your Choosle to your Web page, Blog or Wiki.

This example compares some basic alternatives with Choosle.
Please let us know when you need another style or form of presentation!

Fixed Factors
They have been around for a while already and are now set by default. The column with the factors stays fixed at it's position while you scroll horizontally, but follows your scrolling vertically.
In your settings you can switch the factor column back to being movable like the other columns.