Friday, October 14, 2011

Drink Mineral Water!

Drinking plenty is healthy. Some bottled waters provide natural minerals valuable for the body.

Even though tap water is often "healthy" enough... the water from my tap could taste better.

While shopping in Migros or Coop (Switzerland), I am standing in front of the shelf with the mineral water bottles. Many brands are available... ha, this bottle has lowest price, no, wait, this one is even lower! 4-fold difference in price!? What is in there? or better what is missing?

Theoretically, we adults should drink 2 liters of water per day => ~700 liters per year => CHF 120.- or 650.- per year! Let's compare:

If we consider only the content (hide factors like "taste" and "price"), the waters from Coop (Swiss Alpina and also Prix Garantie) are in the lead. The "expensive" waters lag far behind. If we take the price into account, of course, the Prix Garantie water wins.

Of course we consume various minerals via food and other drinks (salt: sodium, chloride; milk: calcium,...). Also you need to consider your age, body weight and physical effort, sport (sweat). The weights of some factors (minerals) are therefore dependent on the person and situation.

During my research I also discovered signs of other, less desirable content encountered in the water (e.g. Giftiges Uran im Mineralwasser [in German]). Even though I hope the measured quantities don't show any dangerous effects, they still bring another aspect to the comparison.

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