Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Release 0.12

Visible Private State
A Choosle not visible to the public (no public link) now shows a "private" label below it's description.
When you allow the public to visit your Choosle, the "private" label will be replaced with a Facebook Like button.
Each visitor, who "likes" your Choosle, helps to make it more popular.

User Label
There are several places within the Choosle application where your name or Email address has shown up. In overview lists, the Choosle header, in greetings and comments,... you might be shown as author or editor.
"Bruno Feurer" will be displayed only.
You can now define the user account name that will be shown throughout the application. This way you can make sure your Email address does not get published.

The default user label is generated via your first name, space, last name or, when non of them are available by the user name of your Email address (name before '@').

Crawler Friendly
Search engine crawlers, bots will be served by a static snapshot of your public Choosle. So people can "google" the text content of your Choosle.

Private Choosles (no active public link) will not be accessible by crawlers.

When you want to hide your public Choosle by deactivating it's public link, it might take some time before it will not show up in the search results anymore. Crawler don't visit a site very often and so you might find a link to an older snapshot in the result listings. When the user tries to use that link to access your now-private Choosle a no-access error message will be served. 

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