Saturday, October 29, 2011

Release 0.13

More than 5 Options
Even though we thought of Choosle focusing on the last ~3 options to have a chance of winning, you have quickly collected more "potential" options. Even if it's only to remember, they are there and have no actual say in the decision.
You could add more than 5 options to a Choosle in older releases, but scrolling horizontally to finally discover them all... there must be a better way.
A list at the side of the comparison matrix now shows you all the options compared. The list items correspond directly with the columns of the matrix.
To keep the comparison matrix small only the 3 highest-ranked options are visible by default.
With a simple click on a title in the option list you can show or hide the according option columns in the matrix.

While the option list allows you to handle up to about 20 options (depending on your screen size), you will see an additional scrollbar, if the number of options becomes even higher (not recommended).

Score Icon
Instead of the score value (weighted sum of all attribute ratings) being displayed in the top-right corner of the option title box, a small icon now shows this value relative to the others.
Since the winner option is marked already, it's score icon in the option title box is omitted.
The icon is also shown in the option list.

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