Saturday, August 13, 2011

2nd Public Beta Release 0.10

Right-Click Context Menu
The context menu now opens on right-click by default. Since lot's of users don't expect a context menu in a Web application, you can now select an element and it's menus will be included in the "edit - ..." page menu.

To open the default browser context menu you can always use <Shift>-right-click. In your Settings you can also switch off the context menu completely or switch back to the left-click.

Direct Drag&Drop Move
In addition to dragging the slider right-border to directly rate an argument (or weight a factor), you can now grab an argument anywhere else and drag to move it's row and column around.

Of course this works for factors and options too.

Show Author Directly
Even though a Choosle could serve as an all-time reference, most Choosles represent a certain point of view on a certain topic in a certain period of time. To support that situation, the title of a Choosle now also shows the author and the date of creation. On-hover also shows the date of the last change.

Not Directly Visible Changes

Monday, August 8, 2011

Rating Numbers

The arguments of factors like "Price", "Length", "Size",... usually contain numbers, directly related to their rating. 

While you can simply move the rating sliders to approximately match these numbers (a rough mach does mostly suffice), a special menu of the factor lets you rate such arguments more easily.

The argument texts are scanned in order to determine representing numbers and the rating values -100..+100 are assigned accordingly.

When necessary, you can correct the automatically determined number values and define the range for the rating values. As for this example we want to inverse the ratings, since less stairs are better. Then apply these rating values to the arguments and let the rating boxes (or the 5-stars) show them accordingly.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Share your Choosle (Update)

Simpler Sharing Dialog
In response to the feedback for the original, fine grained approach to access control and sharing (see Share your Choosle), the sharing dialog has been simplified.

You can only share your Choosle via one of it's links. There are 3 possible links to access a Choosle. A "public", an "edit" and an "admin" link. The public link opens the Choosle for the public to read and to comment. The edit link allows the user to modify the content, ratings, weights,..., but not sharing or deleting the Choosle itself. And the admin link allows full access to all the functions, including sharing itself.

All theses links can be enabled/disabled at anytime. In order to do that you need to open the Choosle via it's admin link and open the sharing dialog via the "manage - Share" menu:

Anonymous Choosles
For anonymous Choosles (no user login) all these links are created and enabled by default. Via the sharing dialog the admin user can disable the public and edit link to declare it private (only accessible via the admin link).

Personal Choosles
When the user has logged in, before creating a Choosle, he will become the author of that Choosle and only he is allowed to access it by default. As the author he automatically has admin access and can enable/disable all the links in the sharing dialog.

Link Security
While the public link might be reconstructed pretty easily (simply the encoded Choosle identifier), the other links contain a random token, making them very difficult to guess. You should make sure to send theses links only to the people you trust!

Other Sharing Options
Please let us know, if you need other options to share your Choosle.