Saturday, July 30, 2011

Choose a New Car

Some people care about more than the color, when choosing a new car.

Compare the things that really matter to you in a Choosle.

When buying a new car you often have a concrete picture of it in your mind. Modern style, lots of power, low fuel consumption,.... Unfortunately in reality the attributes of the cars, offered to you, mostly don't all match with your picture.

At the start you collect your "dream attributes" in a new Choosle or add them to a copy of an existing one. You can search for Choosles comparing cars, similar to your mindset, or use this more general Choosle as a template.

Then you research all the car offers in your area, filtering out the ones not matching any of your criteria. Only the most likely winners make it into your Choosle. For these you collect all the arguments, data, you can find. You will probably create new criteria (factors) on the way as well. Don't spend too much time completing all the arguments for all the options. They might not be that important after all and not worth the effort.

Then you can ask yourself, how important are the individual factors to you? Well, the price does matter of course. But is the cheapest car really the best choice for you? You will probably have to lower the weight of the style, power and fuel factor considerably for the cheapest option to win.

In the end you might decide on a car, maybe even if it is not the winner of your Choosle. Or you have set the weights of your factors in a way to let the car win, you would have bought anyway. Either way, with your Choosle you can be confident about your decision and you know why that car is sitting in your garage.

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