Monday, June 20, 2011

Share your Choosle

With the Choosle prototype 0.6 you are able to share your Choosle with other people in a more controlled way. You can still open it to the public or keep it private. When you open it to the public for example, you can now specify, what "the public" can do with your content. Do you allow any visitor to make changes, to have full access or only to comment your content (default).

Instead of sharing it with everybody, you can share it with some specific people only. There are two ways to do that.

Share via URL
The Web site can generate special URLs to access a Choosle with certain features allowed. Such a link includes a 16 random-character token, so it should be really difficult to guess. For example the following link...
...provides read-only access to "Choose Choolse". The ".read" suffix is optional and only informational.

Simply send the generated URL for your Choosle to every friend and college, you want to share it with. When such a URL becomes publicly available, by accident or maliciously, you can remove it from your sharing list (this cannot be undone!), generate a new one and send that new one to the correct recipients.

You can allow public access via a special form of such a URL. You specify the access level and add a public URL without the random token or any suffix. For the example above the URL...
...allows anyone to read and comment (then the special read-only link does not make much sense of course ;) . A Choosle with a public URL is also included in the "public" search results.

By default the Web site generates an administrator URL (full access), an editor URL (allows to modify content) and a public URL (allows to read and comment) for a new Choosle.

Share with Registered Users
When you are logged in and the person, you want to share your Choosle with, is also a registered user, you can grant specific access to him/her explicitly. This user has to log in, in order to access the Choosle.

When you create a new Choosle while you are logged in, you will automatically be provided with full access. No sharing URLs will be created.

All the Choosles, the user has access to, will be included in "personal" search results.

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